You don't just want to put any rock in your aquarium. You want to put live rocks in your aquarium that will not just add to the environment from a visual perspective, but will enhance the overall environment. When it comes to purchasing live rock for your aquarium, there are a few different things you need to know.  

1. Buy the Live Rock Cured 

You don't want to put any dirty rock inside of your aquarium. You have to be very careful about each rock and item you put inside of your aquarium. You need to cultivate an environment that mirrors the natural environment of the fish as much as possible. If you don't have your own setup for curing fresh live rock, purchase live rocks that are already cured and ready to go into your tank.  

2. Only Get What You Need 

It can be easy to get tempted into purchasing a large quantity of live rock. However, you should only purchase what you need. Remember, you don't want to add too many live rocks at a time, as that could damage your system.  

3. Smell the Rock 

When you check out live rocks for your aquarium, make sure that they pass the sniff test. If they have an off or foul odor, you should pass on those rocks. A bad smell usually means that the rock has not actually been cured and thus you don't want to put it in your aquarium. Keep an eye out for dead growth on the rock as well.  

4. Watch Out for Pests 

You don't want to add any hitchhikers to your aquarium via the live rock you add to it. Check each live rock really carefully, and make sure that there are not any sea pests on the rocks. Sea pests that you want to make sure you avoid include anemones and bristle worms. Both of these are unwanted additions to your aquarium.  

5. Learn About Additives 

Finally, when purchasing live rocks, you need to be sure to find out what additives have been added to the rock and used to cure the rock. You may need to mimic some of these additives in your own tank in order to keep the rocks healthy as they transition to your aquarium. 

Don't just pick up any live rock for your aquarium. Make sure the live rock is cured, smells good, and doesn't have any pests. To learn more contact a company that offers live rock for sale.