If you are looking at reptiles for sale, you may be thinking about buying a green anole. A green anole is a reptile species that can be both observed and handled. Although green anoles are skittish by nature and tend to be territorial, with suitable habitat and plenty of time to get used to you, interacting with your pet will be possible and you may even be able to get your anole to eat from your hand.

Provide Plenty Of Leafy Greens And Wooden Materials

Green anoles tend to hide in their surroundings and can change the color of their skin to match their environment. An anole will feel much more at ease if they are able to conceal themselves while foraging for food or sleeping. You can purchase plenty of greenery or wooden materials from the pet store that you have decided to purchase your pet from.

Take note of how the green anole habitats are set up inside of the pet store. This could give you some great ideas that will assist you in preparing a personal habitat for your new pet. Intertwine branches and leaves to create an interesting structure that your pet will be willing to explore. If you would like the materials to encompass the length of the aquarium, create a hideaway that can be used for climbing and sleeping and place it in the corner of the aquarium.

Use a thick twig for a surface for your pet to traverse and place the twig inside of the aquarium so that it is laying perpendicular with the length of the habitat. If you decide to put any fresh materials inside of the aquarium, be mindful that you will need to replace them often. To keep the leaves and stems green for as long as possible, lightly mist the materials each day.

Allow The Anole To Become Acclimated

Moving to new living quarters may result in your anole being on guard, at first. Do not attempt to handle your pet right away. Instead, learn your pet's mannerisms and observe them at various times throughout the day and night. After a couple of weeks, you will notice a pattern that your pet exhibits. This may assist you with determining when the best time is for you to attempt to touch or pick up your pet.

Use a pair of tweezers to feed insects to your pet. During each session, dip your hand into the aquarium, but avoid directly touching the anole. After several successes with this method, attempt to pick up the reptile.

Always support the bottom of your pet's body with one finger and the top of their body with your thumb. Never press firmly against your pet, since this could result in a serious injury. Hold your pet for a short stint, before returning them to their home.