Most dogs are sociable animals, but there are some breeds that have stronger tendencies in this regard. The Yorkie is one such dog that is known for its social nature, which means that it enjoys being around people and that it doesn't necessarily do well alone. If you're recently bought a Yorkie puppy or plan to do so, you may try to spend as much time as possible with it. However, doing so won't always work in the long term, and you'll need to accept that your puppy will sometimes have to stay at home alone. If you're seeing signs that the dog is upset with this degree of solitude, here are some ways to deal with the situation.

Have People Visit

A big reason that your Yorkie will need to stay at home alone is when you're out at work during the day. It might not be too thrilled with being on its own for this stretch of hours, so consider having someone visit whenever it's possible. For example, if you have retired parents who are keen on helping you however they can, having them drop over midway through the day to play with your Yorkie and/or take it for a walk can be something that really helps the situation. You'll feel less guilty about leaving the dog at home, too.

Take It Somewhere

Similarly, it can be advantageous to think of different places that you can take your Yorkie during the day if you're going to be out for an extended duration. Dropping it off at a family member's house in the morning and then picking it up after work — much like you might take a child to daycare while you have to work — can be ideal if you can find the right candidate. Of course, training your puppy thoroughly before you take this step is in everyone's best interest, and you'll be apt to find more people who want to care for your dog when it's trained.

Take It Around With You

Training your Yorkie well won't just help you to have it spend time with people when you're out of the house — it can also make it easier to take the dog with you. There may be some situations in which you can take your Yorkie out with you during the day. While taking it to work is probably not a good idea, there are several other environments that are dog-friendly. For example, if you're going to church to work on a fundraising project that is coming up, and the dog can rest at your feet for much of the time that you're there, this can work well.

Keep these tips in mind and make sure you research more information on taking care of Yorkies if you've been looking at Yorkie puppies for sale