Goldendoodle puppies come from a breed of dog that can withstand the cold reasonably well, making this dog a good choice for a family in an area that experiences cold winters. When you and your family are enjoying winter activities, it's nice to be able to have your dog with you. However, you want to ensure that it doesn't get cold and become miserable. Fortunately, there are a number of simple things that you can do to keep your goldendoodle warm during the winter. Providing regular indoor breaks and being cognizant of the temperature are critical, but here are some other strategies.

Groom Its Hair Longer

As a goldendoodle owner, you'll need to get used to taking your puppy to regular grooming appointments. As the winter approaches, you should think about having your groomer trim your dog only moderately. This will ensure that the dog has a warmer coat over the winter months, which will help to keep it cozy when it's outside. You'll need to be vigilant about brushing the dog so that its longer hair won't get matted, but this can be a small price to pay for the fun of having the dog outside with you during the winter. When warmer weather arrives in the spring, you can get your pet's hair cut short again.

Keep It Dry

Keeping dry is integral to staying warm during long stretches outside in the winter — for humans and for their canine counterparts — so it's important to minimize your dog's exposure to dampness. Even when it's below freezing, there may be puddles on your driveway or the sidewalks around your home due to salt that has melted the snow and ice. If you have your goldendoodle on a leash, steer it away from these water sources so that its paws will remain relatively dry. Few things can put an end to outdoor winter fun for a dog as quickly as cold, wet paws.

Use Some Clothing

People often associate the use of clothing with smaller dog breeds, but there's nothing wrong with dressing your goldendoodle in clothing before you plan to spend time outdoors on a cold day. Dog boots can be effective for lessening the risk of paw discomfort, as can a coat. You can count on the dog's fur keeping it warm to some degree, but even a light shell to repel the wind can make a big difference in your goldendoodle's comfort in cold conditions.