German shepherd dogs are very popular. Police forces use them as trained police dogs due to their strength, loyalty, and intelligence. They also make great family dogs. If you want to add a canine friend to your family, you should consider purchasing a German shepherd puppy. Here are four things you should do before you start looking at German shepherd puppies for sale.

1. Puppy proof your house.

German shepherds are extremely curious. A determined German shepherd puppy can easily get into a lot of trouble in your house. You can keep your new puppy safe by puppy-proofing your house. Go through your house and pick up any items that your puppy might eat accidentally. If you have cleaning chemicals where a dog might be able to reach them, make sure you put those away. Making your house safe for your new dog is the best way you can care for them.

2. Get into the habit of exercising.

German shepherds need a lot of exercise to help them burn off excess energy. Ideally, you should take them on long walks or runs at least once a day. If you're currently sedentary, you can start developing good habits now. Start going for a walk every day so that, by the time you get your new dog, it will be second nature.

3. Understand that German shepherds need a lot of training.

German shepherds are incredibly smart dogs. They can perform a wide variety of tricks and tasks when trained to do so. Before you decide to bring home a German shepherd, make sure you're fine with the amount of training they require. Left to their own devices, German shepherds can become destructive. When these dogs are bored, they will find a way to entertain themselves. Regular training will give your dog a way to occupy their mind so they won't have to seek mental stimulation elsewhere.

4. Find a quality breeder.

When you're ready to bring home a German shepherd puppy, you can't just head to the pet store. Commercial pet stores often source their puppies from unethical puppy mills. Dogs bred in puppy mills often have health and behavioral problems, since these businesses breed dogs carelessly for profit. Take the time to find a quality breeder who specializes in German shepherds. Dog breeders select only the best dogs to breed in order to create litters of happy, healthy puppies who are ready to thrive. You may need to sign up for a waiting list, depending on the demand for puppies, but your German shepherd puppy will be worth the wait.