As a general rule, dogs are fun to be around and incredibly loving. However, if your dog fails to listen to you and tends to be stressful to handle, it can be a completely different story. If you are having difficulty controlling your canine, you may want to consider investing in dog obedience lessons. Keep reading to learn three signs that this training would be a wise investment for you and your furry friend.

A Lot of Leash Pulling

It is just natural for dogs to be curious, and everything from benches to the leaves on the trees can catch the attention of your dog as you walk around the block. However, it is important that your dog is not taking you for a walk. This is where obedience school can come in, as this training can teach your dog to follow you and listen to important commands like "go on," "sit," and "lie down".

Separation Anxiety

You may think it is cute when your furry friend whines as you leave the house; however, the truth is that this whining may come from a place of apprehension and anxiety. This can result from an inability to remain calm or a lack of confidence. This tends to be a problem for canines that have moved into a home from a shelter or that have recently changed owners. This type of issue can lead to very loud howling, and some dogs may even start to scratch at the door, trying to make their way out of the house. Obedience training can help combat the separation anxiety so that your dog is calm and content when you leave the house.

Destructive Behavior

If you rescued your dog from an abusive environment or your dog endured considerable stress while living at a shelter before you got them, there is a chance that your dog developed some problematic behaviors as a result of the trauma that they experienced. For instance, your dog may bark excessively, destroy furniture, or urinate or defecate inside the home. By enrolling your new pet in a dog obedience training school, your dog will be able to recover from any trauma that they have experienced and replace those bad behaviors with new (good) ones.

If you have noticed the aforementioned signs with your dog, then contact a dog training school. They'll help you sign your fury friend up for dog obedience lessons.