Whoever said that the perfect dog doesn't exist had never seen a labradoodle puppy. Labradoodles are the offspring of mixing a labrador retriever with a poodle. They come in many different sizes and colors, depending on their parents. They can have straight, wavy, or curly hair, and are usually either low shedding or non-shedding dogs, thanks to their poodle parentage. If you are thinking about getting a labradoodle, you may wonder how to pick a breeder that you can trust. Doodles are such popular dogs these days that there are unfortunately many backyard breeders and puppy mills. In an effort to help you find a labradoodle breeder, here are a few tips to make sure they are the real deal.


Depending on the size of your breeder's operation as well as the state they live in, they may need a dog breeding license. Some states require that breeders who sell more than two litters a year obtain a license and undergo random quality checks in order to ensure that the puppies are well-cared for. If you are worried about what type of breeder you are dealing with, you may want to put in the work of finding a breeder that is licensed. That can really put your mind at ease. It is important to note also that labradoodles are not an American Kennel Club recognized breed, so they will not be registered puppies.

Previous Puppies

As previously mentioned, you may be able to see pictures and posts about previous puppies that a breeder has sold. If you have a social media account, it is relatively easy to find an owner of a previous puppy and ask about their experience with the breeder. See if they recommend the breeder to their friends, and how healthy their dog has been. With a little effort, you can know what it is like to work with a specific breeder, and if you want to move forward. 

In conclusion, a credible labradoodle breeder is not just going to give a puppy to anyone. They will care about who is raising their dogs and want to make sure that the puppy will be well-cared for. Make sure that your breeder has your dog's best interest at heart before agreeing to take one of their puppies. You may also find that a good breeder occasionally follows up with you, asking after your puppy and asking for pictures as they grow. This way you can know that they really care about their dogs. Good luck!