If you have a dog and are going out of town, it can be difficult to find someone to care for your dog. If this is the case, you can board your dog. Below is information on what you should look for in a pet boarding facility and how to prepare your dog.

What to Look For

You will likely find a variety of pet boarding facilities in your area. Visit each facility that you are interested in and make sure they are clean. The facility should also have temperature control so your dog will be comfortable. 

If your dog is on medication, the facility should be able to give your dog their medicine while you are away. Employees are generally trained to do this. Also, if your dog requires injections, such as if they have diabetes, many facilities can also do this. They will make sure their staff is trained on how to do injections properly.

Look for a facility that has a lot of room so your dog will not be stuck in a pen with a lot of other dogs. They should have a lot of room outside to exercise so they can run and play. If your dog is fearful of being away from you, look for a facility that has employees that are experienced with working with dogs like this. They would be able to calm your dog down and make it feel comfortable.

Look for facilities that are secure so your dog could not escape. There should be fences that are locked. The fences should be high enough so your dog could not jump them. There should be enough employees outside with the dogs to help keep them safe. 

Prepare Your Dog

If your dog has never been to pet boarding, you need to take time to prepare them. This will increase the chances of your dog being comfortable and happy while you are away. Ask the facility that you chose if you could bring your dog for a trial. Let your dog stay in the facility for 24 hours so they will not be surprised when you arrive at the facility when it is time for you to go out of town. 

If your dog sleeps with you at night, adjust their sleeping habits so they will get used to sleeping alone. Bring a blanket your dog uses and their favorite toy with them for the staff to give to your dog at night. This will help your dog feel safer and more secure while you are away. 

You may want to consider taking your dog to their veterinarian for a checkup before you leave. You do not want your dog to get sick while you are away or have other problems. The vet will give them a complete checkup. The boarding facility may require that you show them proof of vaccinations, and you can get this information from your vet.

Knowing your dog is being well taken care of will help you have a much better time on your trip.